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Greek Gods and Goddesses


Zeus, king of the gods


The Story of Zeus

Cronos became father of the gods by murdering his own father, Uranus.  The dying Uranus gave Cronos the prophesy, “You murder me now and steal my throne—but one of your own sons will dethrone you, for crime begets crime.”  Cronos managed to get by this prophesy for a short while because he would swallow all his children when they were born.  His wife, Rhea, however, foiled his plan by giving birth to a son, Zeus.  She hid Zeus with a shepherd family, until one day when Rhea brought him back to the court of gods as the new cupbearer.  Cronos, of couse, did not recognize him.

            Rhea and Zeus, plotting against Cronos, concocted a drink for him, one day.  When he drank it, he threw up all of his children that he had swallowed—still alive because gods cannot be digested.  The children and Zeus fought against Cronos, and made him and his army flee.  Zeus became king of the gods, fulfilling the prophesy made to Cronos.

 The Story of Zeus and Hera

            Zeus and his wife, Hera, were always quarreling because Zeus was unfaithful to her.  One day, Hera, plotting against Zeus, drugged his drink, and bound him while he was sleeping.  Zeus could do nothing because he did not have his thunderbolt, until the Hundred-handed Briareus, came to his rescue and untied the knots binding him.  Once released, Zeus took his thunderbolt and hung Hera in the sky, binding her with golden chains.  She wept and wept until Zeus could not take it anymore and freed her after she promised to never rebel again.  Zeus also promised to mend his ways.


 Zeus's Genealogy

Brother to Demeter

Brother and Wife to Hera

Brother to Poseidon

Brother to Hades

Father to Ares

Father to Hephaestus

Father to Eris

Father to Athene

Father to Persephone

Father to Artemis

Father to Apollo

Father to Hermes

Father to Epaphus 

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